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What’s Your Choice If You Are Banned From Google Adsense ?

Google Adsense

“Hello Mr. ‘________’ , We are sorry to say you that your site has been banned from Google AdSense”. When Google AdSense will send you this email , you pray god for this to be your dream. Why not, according to everyone AdSense is the main earning source for them. So banning from Google means ending of earning journey. But my thinking is totally different in this. Ya, it is obvious that Google AdSense is the safe and best earning source for you in the world. So what’s for them whose sites are banned from Google AdSense. Today i gonna tell about some other sources to earn money if your banned from Google Adsense —–

(1) Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is also popular earning way, not only for bloggers, also for Facebook users. So how can you earn by Facebook Marketing ? Increasing likes of a page is really difficult. You should have a page of huge likes and have to sell in Facebook. Like pages have good price in the market so you can earn lot of money by selling pages in Facebook.

(2) Affiliate Marketing

The easiest way to earn money in the modern blogging world. Affiliate is like a referral. Suppose you are referring any product of a shop to a customer and the customer have bought that product, then the shopkeeper will give you commission for that earning from that product but internet affiliate is little different than this types of referring. You can earn much money in internet affiliate. It can’t be regular earning source for you. As 4-5 referrals per month. There are few affiliate sites. I am enlisting their referral criteria,,

(3) Infolinks

After Google AdSense i can say the best online advertising platform. It’s similar like Google AdSense and it is so easy to get approval in infolinks. According to someone that infolinks is better than Google AdSense. But for me both are better or best. Here I am showing my infolinks status and revenue criteria of infolinks…

(4) URL shortening

You will be paid if you shorten that long URL into a tiny URL and get traffic by opening that link. Shorte.st & Ads. fly both sites are providing this service i am really earning lot of money from the earning source. Believe me it is really an awesome way to earn money quickly. Just like 200$ per month….

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