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Effective Ways to Take Influential Blogger’s Interviews

Blogger Interviews

Now a days Blogger’s interviews in blogs is a new fashion in blogging market, so well-known bloggers to be interviewed on your blog is more difficult, as they get interview requests from lot of popular blog owners . So it can be sometimes very difficult for them to accept you interview proposal..

1. Choose A Very Comfortable Interview format for the Bloggers

There are some bloggers who don’t like difficult interview format. Most bloggers prefer email interviews. Here you send a list of questions and they respond to them all at once. Some bloggers would get together with you on Skype for 15 minutes so that you can ask your questions. Normally you should use that interview format which is comfortable for that blogger to be interviewed on your blog.

2. Start With Guest Posters instead of Well-Known Bloggers

As you are looking for professional bloggers, you want to start taking interviews of biggest names in your niche. But they receive a lot of interview requests, so its difficult for them to say ‘yes’ to all. So I think instead of it you should target upcoming bloggers, not too new bloggers. You should look out for big blogs you know. the guest posters of that blogs is good for your interview, as they have lots of great ideas to share and also they are looking for this types of opportunities to promote themselves. Interviewing bloggers is not only for increasing visitors, its to know the experience of blogger for sharing with your blog visitors. So Its not a bad idea to choose any guest posters to start your interview and  share their experience if they have lots of great ideas to share.

3. Stop Asking Same Questions In Different Interviews

In my first blog I interviewed few bloggers. But I have seen my blog and many others blog, there are a lot of questions crop up again and again in different interviews. Just Like this two questions are must in every interviews I saw,

  • How did you get started as a blogger?
  • So at last whats your final words for our blog readers ?

Ya, Its fine to have couple of basic questions in different interviews, but according to me go for unique, beyond what your interview normally means to your blog visitors.

4. Don’t Ask Too Much Questions in the interview

Its good to ask as much as need question to bloggers. But asking dozens of questions is really irritating. I have seen in many blogs’ interviews, there are 10-15 questions. If you think that asking a lot questions will make your interview more awesome, so you are wrong. You can ask 6-7 (minimum) questions, but not basic questions, it should unique/inspirational questions. Your interview will be more awesome more than having a dozen of questions.

5. Wait for the Request Confirmation

You have to be patient for getting any reply from the blogger to be interviewed on your blog. As those popular blogger is particularly too busy and the waiting can be for 7-14 days. probably at least a month between sending an interview request and publishing that interview on your blog.

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