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Best websites to download Anime Music 2024

Download Anime Music 2024

With the increasing number of websites that offer anime music in different formats, the need for downloading has witnessed a surge. Some of the best websites to download anime music in 2024 will be covered in this article.


The website musical.f-n.me is where one can get anime music downloads in high quality. The page has a wide collection of anime genres that are available for download including J-Pop and J-Rock. Additionally, it is designed user-friendly and possesses an easily accessible search tool that would enable you to find your favorite anime songs.

Gendou :

Gendou is one of the best sites to download Anime songs in MP3 format. This song downloader service is famous among Anime fanatics who always look out for beautiful background scores on Anime. You have the option to save hundreds of tracks you love here after having them downloaded onto your computer or phone.

This particular tool doesn’t run ads because it’s funded through donations made by visitors. This platform, apart from music there are also game options too. You can also play games apart from music here. Also, in case the OST that you want to download is not listed on the site yet, you can ask the site administrator to add it. In addition, if you feel like sharing your ideas and thoughts about Anime, you can do this by joining their forum and chatting with others who like it. Lastly, you are allowed to upload music on your own here.

Hikarinoakari :

                        If you are looking for Anime sites that allow one to download MP3 music, never ever forget Hikarinoakari. This is among the finest-dedicated platforms. It provides Anime OSTs of all kinds to its customers. You can even enjoy newly released ones on this anime music site. It has a user-friendly interface that offers you an enhanced downloading experience.
Furthermore, this website enables you to get anime music downloads from well-known anime series and films like Naruto: Shippuuden and Kimi no Na Wa as well as ongoing Animes’ soundtracks or OSTs. There is also a space where you can share your own gaming experiences in their online community section. What makes it more awesome is that you don’t have to create any account before downloading anime songs from this site . You can also download songs from other websites like Google Drive or Mega etc.

Yumeost :    

Another highly-rated place where one can freely get anime music is Yumeost.com. These include soundtracks, OST’s (Original Sound Tracks), openings, and endings of various shows. The site also boasts quick mp3 format downloads and a user interface which serves its purpose quite well in terms of ease of use.


One top website for downloading anime music is ACETHINKER. It is a trustworthy and user-friendly site that enables people to access and get anime tunes from different video game tracks and albums in MP3 format. Additionally, there are always new songs available on this platform which can be downloaded easily and quickly.


                             Another reliable website to download anime music on is WonderFox. It allows users to enjoy various kinds of anime music such as OSTs, openings, endings, cover songs, game audio etc. This also ensures they acquire up-to-date MP3 files as often as possible because the site keeps updating its content with newest releases.

DoremiZone :

DoremiZone is another popular place where you can download anime music. One may get access to multiple genres of Anime Music such as J-Pop, J-Rock or Vocaloid among others on this platform. Its user interface is friendly enough while providing an option to either stream or grab high quality mp3 files whenever you want them most.

iTunes/Apple Music:

Although not exclusively for anime music, iTunes stocks a large number of movie and TV soundtracks, including those from Japanese animation. It is a reliable choice due to its popularity and easy user interface.

Amazon Music:

Like iTunes, Amazon Music has many collections of anime soundtracks and songs. It is convenient for people who already use Amazon to buy other things.


Spotify’s selection of anime music is ever-expanding. This includes music from official soundtracks as well as fan uploads. The service is particularly favored by those who love music because of its playlists and recommendation algorithms

Google Play Music:

Google’s music platform also stores different types of anime music. It is particularly handy if you are already immersed in the Google ecosystem.


Sound Cloud is another portal for showcasing independent artists’ work, including many animé-inspired musicians or re-mixers of animé songs. This is where one can discover unique tracks and support emerging talent.


This site has something for all anime fans; such as various genres, good quality images associated with the genre’s characters, including OSTs (Original Sound Track), character songs, game’s sounds etc., which are easily downloaded free of charge in high-quality MP3 format provided by the website itself

Conclusion :

In Conclusion, these are the important websites for downloading anime music in 2024. Remember to download contents only from legal sources when downloading your preferred pieces of anime music so as to support the creators.

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